Jesus and The Poor

Jesus and the PoorWhen an artist and his wife lost their home it changed their lives and their perspective. "Jesus and the Poor" is a collection of art, prose, short stories and writings that were inspired by the Shively's experiences with homelessness and their recognition of God's heart for the poor. Allow yourself to be touched by the things that touch the heart of God and experience this moving new book from Christian Life Books.

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NEW! - Calling the Bride -
Understanding the Book of Revelation Chapters One through Seven

Calling the Bride

Jesus walks among the seven candlesticks examining their flames which represent the spiritual conditions of His church throughout all the ages. Some are burning brightly, others appear as if they are about to be extinguished.

Bible scholar, H. Deborah Shively delves into Revelation’s first seven chapters in an expository study designed to reinforce and encourage sincere believers in their faith.

The keys to a healthy relationship with God are found within the first seven foundational chapters contained within Revelation’s miraculous pages. Learn the principles you need to help keep your candle burning brightly through the deceptive winds of apostasy.

H. Deborah Shively’s books on Revelation have received praise from laymen and pastors alike. “Calling the Bride” is easy to understand and applicable to the times we are living now.

Take Jesus' hand and let Him lead you upon the waters of Revelation.

“It’s awesome. Unbelievably good. It’s easy to understand and follow. I loved it, I couldn’t put it down and I want to read it again.” - Dr. James Neumayer

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Hope in the Storm

Hope in the Storm

The book of Revelation was written to encourage the Christian church in every generation. As recent history attests, the Euphrates River is drying, a significant event in Bible prophecy that is currently being fulfilled. As we continue on time’s conveyor belt into the future, Revelation’s message is as timely as today’s newspaper.
  Bible scholar, H. Deborah Shively, presents an easy to understand expository study of the chapters that specifically relate to the times we are living now. "Hope in the Storm" conveys a consistent theme of victory in the face of the world’s turmoil and instability. Understand the book of Revelation in a fresh, new way and face the future with confidence.
  Yes, there is hope in the storm.

Hope in the Storm - Understanding the Book of Revelation Chapters Eight through Thirteen with Details from Daniel and the Prophecy of the Seventy Weeks, - "For the Times we are Living Now."

"It's pretty good. Some parts are stretching me!" - Kerry Lord, Lord Family Ministries

"It's a wonderful book. It's easy to understand. It's mind joggling. It’s going to pull your theological computer, it will pull up things to explore.” - Rev. David Adams, SBC

"Hope in the Storm will challenge many conventional interpretations, merely by bringing to light Scriptures that have been overlooked or avoided that drastically affect how we have viewed this most challenging prophetic landscape." - H. Deborah Shively

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Understanding the Trinity from the Scriptures - It's all about God's Love for You

Understanding the Trinity

Is it possible to understand the Trinity? Author H. Deborah Shively believes that it is God's desire for His children to understand His miraculous construction as far as He has chosen to reveal Himself in His Word.

Using the Scriptures as the sole source of this revelation, "Understanding the Trinity from the Scriptures" is a unique, easy to understand explanation of the unity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

"If we cannot explain the Trinty from the Word of God, then we have no business teaching it as the Word of God." - H. Deborah Shively

Comments from our readers. - "Very fine work. Very fine."
"Your explanations of the issue look terrific."
This is almost as good as Spurgeon, and he was very, very good."
"A wonderful thesis!" - Rev. Robert Beaumeir, Evangelical Trinitarian Doctor of Theology

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You can't get to Heaven without a Space Suit

You can't get to Heaven without a Space Suit “You Can’t Get to Heaven without a Space Suit,”is a unique explanation of the atonement of Jesus Christ that shows us from the Scriptures the “Spiritually Scientific” reason why Jesus is the only way to Heaven. This thirty-two page booklet effectively refutes the increasingly common response to the Gospel that God will accept anyone as long as their good deeds outweigh the bad. Author and Bible Scholar H. D. Shively shows us the technical reason why God’s plan for the redemption of the human race as outlined in the Old and New Testaments, must be followed precisely or we cannot be properly outfitted to survive in Heaven’s holy atmosphere. “Space Suit” is a wonderful approach to conveying the Gospel message and the perfect explanation of the Gospel for folks in this “new age.” This message will also reinforce believers in their faith and equip them with a fresh, creative way to share the Gospel with others. "Space Suit is a wonderful resource for youth groups, Sunday Schools and Bible studies.

Comments from people who have heard the author teach "You can't get to Heaven without a Space Suit." -

"Very Powerful!" - Maine
"I was captivated." - Pastor Jon Ouelette
"Very thought provoking...very effectively puts the myth that people can be saved without Jesus to rest." - Virginia
"It says it all. If you are not saved after hearing this, then you are not going to be." - Maine
"You can't go from this without understanding the Gospel." - New Hampshire

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